Stop seeking, and you will see.

I recently requested a sum of money from ArtsACT to partly fund the Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful on this occasion.

But the show must, and will go on. 

I recently experienced an altered state of consciousness whereby I believe I communicated with Creator. He manifested as "Vulcan" - the God of the Forge, Metallurgy and the Arts. He told me "Do not be disheartened - you already have the strength. There are others who need my help more urgently. Go forth, be bold, be brave - Vulcan is with you".



I cannot explain how it is possible that we mortal beings can have contact with deities, spirits or gods, but I believe a great deal of creative energy and inspiration comes from these higher beings. 

And so it is with great excitement, energy and belief that the Wizard of Oz continues.