About my practice and philosophy 

I am an emerging artist who lives and works in Canberra. I am a sculptor who works in traditional media: bronze, wood and ciment fondu (concrete). My approach to sculpture is very simple. For me, sculpture is essentially volume creation. I believe that volume is primary, whereas representational idea, likeness, expression and even proportion, are secondary. 

Many of the forms I create are simply plastic expressions of volume. For example, Stereometric Man (2011)  is just that - a figure constructed from simple stereometric blocks. An artist must always strive to strengthen his sense of spatial depth, and there is no better discipline to do this than sculpture. 

My vision is to create bold, imaginative sculptures which intrigue, inspire and awe audiences. Unlike most contemporary practitioners, I do not take my cues from the world of contemporary art making. I have always had a great reverence and deep respect for the great tradition of sculpture. This tradition began in Ancient Greece and was revived during the European Renaissance. 

Popular culture also informs and inspires my work. My current body of work is inspired by the classic film The Wizard of Oz. Many people know and love this story, which at first appears to be a harmless children's tale. However, I believe that the true power of the story abides in what it can teach us about the human condition . What does it mean to be human? 


New York City, USA, February 2016