The Scarecrow: a behind-the-scenes look

The Scarecrow is the first friend who Dorothy meets along her journey on the Yellow Brick Road. He is played by the actor Ray Bolger, a very talented actor and broadway performer. I first began by sourcing an appropriate model: someone with a similar build and physiognomy. My friend and fellow artist Nigel Lendon was the perfect fit! 


Nigel London at ANCA 



After some observational drawings, I began to work on the clay model which would eventually become "the Scarecrow". This stage of the process takes between 4-6 weeks. Modelling from life requires a high degree of discipline and rigour. Capturing the essence of a character is very elusive, and takes considerable patience.


At this point, the modelling stage is complete, and the clay pattern is ready to be moulded. A layer of silicone rubber is applied in order to capture the details; later a plaster jacket will be made in order to reinforce the silicone. 



The mould takes about 2-3 weeks to make. Once the mould is complete, the casings can be opened and the clay pattern inside will be destroyed. But don't worry - the clay will be recycled and made into more amazing sculptures! All matter is recycled matter.



The Scarecrow's Song


I could wile away the hours, conferrin' with the flowers,

consultin' with the rain, and my head I'd be scratchin'

while my thoughts were busy hatchin'

if I only had a brain!